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Charming silk textile

Nov 15, 2016

  The legendary Silk Road holds many stories, but none more colorfully told than that of its textiles. Repurposed from vintage saris , this silk scarf / scarves offers a twice-told tale in pattern and hue. This colorful creation is a result of meticulous, hand-stitched embroidery skill fully executed in the Kantha style, an art form that goes back thousands of years. Whether used as a scarf/ scarves , shawl, wrap, or throw, the piece is a striking fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary fashion. 

Super soft silk scarf made from beautiful vintage fabric. All hand stitched. Each one is unique and beautiful. One-of-a-kind silk scarf at a really low price. Beautiful on both sides.. These are timeless! Once it's gone, it's gone forever. So pretty. Since the piece is handcrafted using the traditional Kantha stitch, each is unique—giving you not only remarkable style, but an accessory with a rich tradition behind it.